SPICE IS NICE (SIN) was started in 2013 as a distributor of rare and exotic salts and spices from South Africa and beyond. On a trip to his native South Africa, Mark Nussbaum the owner of SIN, discovered ORYX Desert Salt. It is harvested in the Kalahari Desert region of South Africa and is amoungst the purest salt found anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to bring you a delightful and spice enhanced cooking and dining experience using our unquie salts and spices. As a small family owned company, we offer you our dedicated and personal attention. We assure you we will never be too big to neglect the smallest details. Our goad is to keep our customers and the consumers happy and well stocked with our products.

In keepin with our fair practices we support various indigenous communities with a percentage of all sales proceeds. We relay on you, our valued customers, to monitor us and ensure we always live up to your expectations! We welcome suggestions, questions and love sharing recipes!

 - The Spice is Nice Family